Toy Soldiers Book & Editioned Print

-Texts: by Chad Elias and Jacob Mundyedition_DSC5410
-£35.00 clothbound hardback
-112 pages, 96 colour photographs
-280mm x 248mm
-Publisher: Dewi Lewis
-Published: June 2015
-ISBN: 978-1-907893-67-4
-Limited edition book, 750 copies

-Print edition 50

Signed with UK delivery £120
Signed with INTL delivery £134

Toy Soldiers, blurs the boundaries between document, landscape and concept-based photography to explore this conflict. Examining the impact and potential consequences of the stalemate. Through real soldiers – posed as toy soldiers – he reveals the current situation in Western Sahara, a nation in waiting trapped in an historic cycle of colonial conflict, displacement and endless non-resolution.

The work is a unique collaboration with a military commander and the men under his command. Shot entirely on location in the isolated and hauntingly beautiful territory known as ‘Liberated Western Sahara’ Toy Soldiers provides a contemporary archive on the issue of non-resolution in Western Sahara and the paradigm of post colonial cycles of violence within modern conflicts.