Legacy of War-I-Landmines

  • 'Dachla Group'. 1/13

  • Dachla No.01 (Man on Rock)2/13

  • Dachla No.02 (Walking Red)3/13

  • Dachla No.03 (walking blue)4/13

  • Sitting Back2Back5/13

  • Sitting Blue6/13

  • Sitting Green7/13

  • Sitting Orange8/13

  • Sitting Profile9/13

  • Sitting Red10/13

  • Minefield No.02 (collecting firewood)11/13

  • Minefield No.01 (Berm)12/13

  • Minefield No.03 (freshly stepped on mine)13/13

Legacy of War-I-Landmines

  • 'Etiquette'. 1/9

  • Refugee Landscape No.032/9

  • Refugee Landscape No.04 (three boy on bicycles)3/9

  • Dachla Camp No.014/9

  • Refugee Landscape No.01 (Dachla)5/9

  • Refugee Landscape No.026/9

  • Car Shop Dachla7/9

  • Dachla Camp No.02 Landrovers8/9

  • Birka (Oral Historian)9/9

Legacy of War-I-Landmines

The legacy of war and post colonial conflict in Wester Sahara has left the continued disputed territory with one of the most profound and insipid legacies of war making Western Sahara ‘one of the most heavily contaminated territories in the world’.

On top of this the continued non resolution to the dispute has left more than 100,000+ refugees displaced in refugee camps in south west Algeria since 1945.